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Beauty is worth striving for

The words 'striving for' refer to a process. For me beauty is not primarily about beautiful things or people but it's about my approach, my intense focus, my embracing, my surrender to, my fascination. Beauty is not something I can buy or get somewhere. I have to make it happen. It's not a destination, it's something that happens under way if my approach to life is intense.

For me photography is the ultimate medium to discover the beauty of life (and hopefully pass it on). The landscapes, buildings and interiors on my photographs are unpretentious and insignificant. The way I approach them is similar to how I am myself: thorough, exhaustive, conscientious, patient, systematic.

I started my photographic education at the Photo Academy in 2005 and graduated recently, in June 2010. Since then I worked as a parttime freelance photographer besides my job at Alpha Netherlands (alphanederland.org). In 2017 I decided to chase my dreams. I quit my great job and from February 2018 I'm a fulltime photographer.

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